If you would have told me…

…back in 1985, when I was watching Back To The Future in the movie theater with friends, that I would be celebrating my NINTH Anniversary AND the birth date of our DOG, on October 21, 2015… I would have flipped you off.  (because I was still flipping people off in that year, surely)

I would have been upset because first, I didn't like anything with hair and four legs at that time in my life AND second, that would have meant I had to wait for an entire 20 years to go by before I was even married!  And, that, my friends, was NOT in the Carissa playbook for sure!  

But, sure enough… we all know the story… it all happened in a span of three months in 2006.  WooT!

And, then, Jason made the worst best decision to buy a puppy, one year later!  (Who is 8 today and has no clue why he got extra hugs this morning!)

Our wedding was the BEST day… full of family and friends and my favorite food and drink.  Which, I did not partake of at all, because I was just too overwhelmed and amazed at the FULL life I was about to start!

And, what a full life it has been!  God knew exactly WHY I had to wait until age 39 to get married!  

<CLINK> to 9 amazing years with one amazing guy!

I'm sure glad you picked me!  (And, the photo below makes you wonder why!)



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