B is broke

Braedan has continued to tell us for months, "I'm broke."

So, Jason put together a VERY lucrative monthly allowance sheet.  It's so lucrative that I cannot even post it here.  It's so lucrative that he will be getting sarcastic "thanks a lot" calls from B's friends parents!

He has to do a handful of things each week.  It's not a long terrible list of mowing the lawn or cleaning toilets.  They are the same things that I have asked him to do daily before or after school.

BUT… now that he is actually getting paid for the things he should just normally do as a child for these things, I am no longer asking him to do them.  I'm letting him remember, on his own.  I mean… I don't get reminded by my mom to go to work daily.  And, he's 13 for goodness sake.  He should be remembering things at this stage, right?

Now that I'm not asking him to do these things, he is no longer doing most of them.  In fact, last night he asked me to remind him to put out the trash in the morning.  I said, "Ummmm, you're doing absolutely NOTHING right now, just do it now."  He didn't want to do it right then, so I told him that he's going to have to figure out ways to remind himself about things.  I gave him some ideas.  He wanted NONE of it.  He simply said, "It's okay, I'll remember."

I just got in from putting out the trash cans… 

By the way, one of the caveats for NOT doing a chore is SUBTRACTING $10 from his lucrative allowance.  Ouch.

I actually think he might OWE his dad money now and it's only week 2.

Wait… wait… just wait a minute!  What if Jason gave him his entire allowance at the end of the month and then B had to pay ME $10 for each chore I did that he forgot to do?

Blogging… it's such therapy and revelation!  Christmas gifts for you ALL!



Braedan… too busy to take down two trash cans!


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