My Very Part Time Gig

I love taking photos.  I have slowly turned it from a hobby into a very part time job.  It doesn't even support my addiction to buying things at the local health food store, that is how VERY part time this gig is.

I have been known to take my fancy camera to weddings and pretend in my head I'm the second shooter.  The photos come out really nice, without the stress of actually getting paid to take amazing wedding photos!  It's wonderful, but I'm broke!  

Here's the deal though… I'm scared of brides.  I'm intimidated of bridezillas.  Big time.  And, once money changes hands, there is this whole EXPECTATION thing that is now out there.  And, I have to meet it!  Yikes!

In the past couple years I have been challenged and pushed to make wedding photography one of my "things" in my part time gig.  And, it's not like I can't do it (because I do, do it now)… I'm just my own worst critic and have this underlying fear that I'll get home from the awesome event and download all the photos, only to find out I used the wrong settings and they are all out of focus.  Or something.

Slowly but surely, I have found the right clients who are having small weddings and need inexpensive, but awesome memories.  And, let's face it… these clients somehow find me.  I'm terrible at marketing myself!  Another fear I have.

So… let's break this down.  I have turned my hobby into a very part time job.  I'm my own worst critic when it comes to my work.  I don't like to market myself.  I'm scared of brides.  When money changes hands, sometimes the expectation can be overwhelming.

Gee… awesome.  Blogging is such a great way to get to know myself, truly.

The only thing that keeps this gig alive and kicking is that I LOVE people.  And, come to find out, I end up with the BEST clients!  Even the brides, amazingly enough!  I also LOVE capturing candid photos of people in all their natural glory.  I LOVE the stories behind the photos.  And, I LOVE when I take photos and I see my work on Christmas cards or on walls or in books.  It's truly a rush that I can't explain.

Gee… that IS awesome!  

I'm going to keep on snapping and hope that each year, my client base grows and everyone needs more photos and tells their friends.

If you want to see more of what I've done… CLICK RIGHT HERE

And then, tell your friends!

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