Basketball is already over!

I remember the day B told me he wanted to sign up for Basketball.  There was a lump in my throat.

As a parent (even a "step" one), you want your child to feel as little pain as possible.  And, all I could think of was that he has never actually "played" basketball.  

AND… he's 13.

AND… we live in Georgia.  The home of the free and the land of the "we love our competitive sports and parents don't just sit in the stands and clap and encourage."  They get tossed out by refs/umps.

We signed B up for Basketball.  

I'm not a competitive sports parent.  I wasn't raised that way I guess.  I just want everyone to have a fair, fun game and I don't want anyones FEELINGS to get hurt.  Unless, of course, you are playing YAHTZEE with me.  I'm totally going to kick your ass and I really don't care if you cry.

Braedan Bulls-11
Well, I am super proud of our basketball player.  He started off as a newbie and ended the season with a lot more confidence AND… he made a 2-pointer (thank God for answering my prayer) during one of the last games!  

I would say he had a fun time, learned a lot, got great exercise, met some new kids and wants to do it again next Fall.  And, I would also say that his feelings were hurt and he was sad they barely won and he didn't get the ball passed to him as much as he would have liked.

Here is the beginning of the season, during his first practice…



 Here is one of the last games (where he actually got some action!)…



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