Tuxedo + Bow Tie + Prom

  Prom 2016 J+P-3

After volunteering at Prom-A-Palooza (my last blog post), I was wondering… WHAT ABOUT THE GUYS?  Guys are people too!  Are there guys at the local high school who need a little help renting a tux or other things having to do with Prom?

I (the "I" in this post really means… "on behalf of the community") reached out to a gal at the school, and sure enough… BINGO!

Do you know how expensive it is to rent a tux? RIP OFF!  Seriously folks, these kids aren't getting married!  

I then reached out to some friends… who graciously sent me checks in the mail, to help cover the expenses.  

A million times… THANK YOU!

We did it!  We successfully made a couple guys smile!  We bought a red vest + bow tie for one guy (thank you Amazon for delivering).  We rented a pretty sweet tux for the other, along with buying a corsage + boutonnière!  

They were both SO thankful… in their shy way!

The mom of the guy on the right, asked if there was any way I would be able to just "meet" them before prom so they could say thank you in person.  And, of course, could I really go do this without my camera?    

Needless to say, WE (awesome community) made this happen!

Until next time… keep those checkbooks handy!  HA


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