Three months… and counting!

In exactly 3 months… our little Middle Schooler who defies us on studying for tests and can only remember what he had for dessert and sometimes doesn't turn in homework and tells us about his project the day before it is due and still sleeps with the hall light on enters the big bad world of HIGH SCHOOL!

Is it possible to Good Luck?  mature A LOT in three months?  

Is it possible to GROW SOME in three months?

He will be walking the halls of the big public High School with all the BIG kids.


They say it goes by fast.  It does.  Except when you're waiting for your 14 year old to get his drivers license.  Molasses slow.  I can't wait to have my AMAZON PRIME and my B!  I'll never have to leave the house unless I need to go to work or play tennis or ride my new CYCLEBOARD!

B just turned the magical age of 14.  It's true what they say!  

I know that I have it pretty easy with this 14 year old.  I can go down the list of 14 year olds that I know and am reminded… I have it very easy.  He's an amazing guy and will be an amazing man.  

HE WILL make it through 9th grade and so will I.  (Because, I already did once people!  And, I'm sure my mom felt the SAME exact way!)

But, if I have to remind him to take his vitamins ONE MORE TIME… to take out the trash ONE MORE TIME… to put his lunch box in the fridge ONE MORE TIME… than this sign, truly, is a moot point.


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