My Side Gig

I love my side job… especially when I don't get paid!  (But, I'm not CRAZY!  I like $$!)
I always have the privilege of taking photos for charity events!  The most recent one was for CHOA (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta).
I never know how much money is raised.  I never know many people at the event.  I never know who sponsors it (until I arrive).  However, I'm excited to roam around and take photos of the decor + the amazing people with a heart who do plan, sponsor, attend + donate.
I love capturing the fun decor, but, more than that, I love capturing people in the moment.  The faces of those around us who would take time out of their "busy-ness" to attend, yes, a party, but a party with meaning and a cause and something they donate hard earned money towards.
Thank you to all the people at the party.  By just your being there, you are helping parents and children in more ways than you can imagine.  And, a special thanks to those who donated generous gifts that could be bid on.  It's all going to an amazing cause.  I mean, who are more important than our children, our next generation!
A shout out to Events of a Lifetime, for letting me be a part!
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