Tales of the Embarrassing Step Mother

While driving B to HIGH school this morning… I might have done something……. not out of character for me.

First, in my defense… High School was an amazing time in my life!  When I go to his High School with all the excitement going on… this happiness occurs in my bones.  

Second, in my defense… I am 49, but I feel and possibly act 29.  I can't help it.  Life is fun!

Third, I had my window down (in my bright blue MINI Cooper).

While sitting in traffic, along comes a convertible Mustang on the opposite side of the street with 2 boys sitting up on the back with Roswell flags, yelling and having a grand old time!  They were getting us fired up for the football game tonight and reminding us that Roswell is going to win.  (We are 8th in the country!)

The guy (who really should show all the RHS cheerleaders how to do their job) waves his flag, looks right at me and yells at the top of his lungs, "GO ROSWELL!!"

What was I to do?  Just look at him and smile?

I threw my arm up in the air and shouted at the top of my lungs… WOOHOO!!!!!

I was laughing and turned to B… who was not even cracking a smile (WARNING: 14 year olds tend not to crack smiles.  Ever.).  A sense of OH NO washed over me… he's probably so embarrassed.

I told him that the guy should be a male cheerleader and he told me in return, "That guy is my TI for Orchestra."

I followed that up with, "Braedan, I'm sorry, but you just have to love me for who I am."

And, I dropped him off. 

Icing on the cake… my hair looked like this: