Professional Vacationers

Aruba 2016-4When you find ARUBA… you find those people I like to call, Professional Vacationers.

I want to be a Professional Vacationer when I grow up. 

Jason surprised me with a 10th Anniversary trip to Aruba this year.  It was amazing.

I didn't want to know where we were going until I got off the plane.

Everyone thought that would be impossible.  

They were right.

I opened my email the morning we were leaving and Kurt one of Jason's friends was returning an email to me and said, "Have fun in ARUBA!"

Well… dude… I DID!

Aruba is an amazing little island.  Fun people live there and vacation there.  I didn't know it could literally fit between the California coast and Catalina Island.  They de-salinatize their own water and it is really good water to drink (hello California… maybe you should try this!).  They create their own natural gas (we do this at home too).  They have a jail with more foreigners in it than Arubians.  Everyone gets some land from the Government for $100 per year.  You can drive the entire Island in about 6 hours.  And… the water is so blue and green that a photo cannot do it justice!

When we become Professional Vacationers (that is a fancy name for the retired people that like to travel and then tell all the other people they meet while traveling… where the latest places they traveled to were) we might be needing to spend more time in Aruba… the HAPPY ISLAND!

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