Our Busker

This is something I never thought in a million years would happen.

B would be a "busker" at the local grocery store.

Truthfully though, his Orchestra teacher set this up with the store for a bunch of her kids to sign up and bring cheer to the Publix shoppers during the holidays. So, it really wasn't a money making opportunity.

However, Braedan assured me, that even though him and his buddy were not going to "pass the plate" or "put out a jar"… he would gladly accept any money anyone threw at him!

And… they did.  He walked away with his half of SIX BUCKS!

I'm super proud of this kid right now, even though I'm still in shock he did this.  I'm impressed… they stood there playing for one hour… making people smile, sing and dance.  They brought joy to the shoppers and cashiers (and cute little girls).  It was cool to witness.  And, they did this with TWO BASSES.  It is interesting, listening to only basses play Christmas carols.  Who knew!?

I love that he went out of his comfort zone… to do something he is passionate about… music.

And, the icing on the cake?  They did it with all sincerity, in front of products that wipe up messes!