Help! I need to find a toilet! Quick!

You guys.  I am so… terrible.

When Braedan types "OK" as a response to a text, his phone changes it to:  Help!  I need to find a toilet!  Quick!

He has no idea why.

I learned something from FB.

You go into your kids iPhone… Settings… General… Keyboard… Text Replacement… (I'm giving you step by step, because you have to give it a whirl)  


You ADD the word OK (or whatever your kid types the most to his friends) in the SHORTCUT.  

Then, add a funny "phrase" in the Phrase area (like:  I have to poop!  Or, something worse)

Then… when your kid FINALLY (man, it took like 10 days for him to actually use the word "ok" with me) you get something like this:




It is a SHOCK he has never referred to me as the EVIL STEP MONSTER.  

Love that kid.  

And, now I'm going into his phone to change it up a bit.  Just to keep him on his toes.  You know.