So… 10th Grade Begins

B wanted to get a head start this morning and get to school ONE HOUR before it started.  That means… waking up at 6:45AM.  Never mind that I'm still on WEST COAST time.

He walked out in his shirt and underwear to eat his breakfast.

B:  Well, I guess I'm an adult now, I'm in 10th grade.

B:  I better start the day off with no mess ups.  I'll eat my breakfast now.

Me:  Are you wearing that shirt to school?

B:  YES!

Me:  So, why would you eat with it on if you don't want to spill?

B:  Because I spill on my shorts, not my shirt.  (WHO DOES THAT?????)

**"Adults" use napkins on their laps to prevent this.

B:  (out of the same "adult" mouth)  Can you drop me off in the front of school now because it's closer to my homeroom.  

**God forbid the "adult" walk… a hundred more feet.

B:  (out of the same "adult" mouth) You can pick me up at the same place as last year, unless it rains.  Then, you can pick me up in the front of school.  

**"Adults" use umbrellas.



**  How I wanted to respond, however, refrained.  I just smiled and hugged him… and reminded myself that I'm the actual ADULT in this conversation.  It was hard.



Keystone, CO