Breakfast with B

Every morning I get to have breakfast with Braedan.

Sometimes he's cranky and then I excuse myself and just let him be.  Other times, I sit there while he goes on and on and on about something. Surely this is how my husband feels when he comes to bed and I wake up from a deep sleep and start chatting his ear off until I hear snoring.  Truly priceless and I'm SO happy I'm the one who gets to start off the day with mostly laughing with B.  

Now, granted, these are things you've heard before if you're on my Facebook, so spare yourself and read no further.  But if you're not, read on!  So, basically, this will only be read by my parents as they are the only ones on the planet without Facebook.

A handful of random things B says:

My life without B would be so less entertaining!

He sat down at breakfast exclaiming, "I decided to make life easier on myself……….." 

That comment alone, people, is why I LOVE having breakfast every single morning with this guy. 

(How he's making life easier on himself really doesn't matter. The fact that he thinks his life needs to be easier… is just funny enough! Really.)


While walking the dog, B and I were chatting about how old a dog has to be to be considered a senior. 

I said 7. 

He said: Well, it doesn't really matter right? It's not like they get discounts anywhere.


How you know B has 2 moms and is in awkward middle school. 

"Boys in my grade are getting mustache hair. If I were them I'd go get waxed!"

I explained it. But hysterical nonetheless!!


Breakfast with B:

Maybe, when I get my license, I can get myself up, get my own breakfast, let the dog out and feed him and then send him back to cuddle with you in bed and drive myself to school. 

*The only part I didn't like about that comment? It started with "maybe".*


B just said, "I'm turning into a man! My pits stink! That's worse than my breath in the morning!" 

I will hate the day he gets a FB account! 






3,033 nights of sleeping with the same man…

A funny thing happened the other morning.

My husband got out of bed and whipped the covers off himself, making them come off me too.

My response?  "Uh excuuuuuse me!?!?"

He laughs and says, "That is what I deal with every day!  Just giving you a taste."

I was totally confused.  So, he got back in bed and proceeded to show me, what, exactly I do to him, every.single.night/morning.

He gave me a handful of live examples that were surely exaggerated:

1.  And, this is what happens when you roll over and get water off your nightstand.

2. And, this is what happens when you sit up to pet the dog in the middle of the night because he's having a puppy dream.

3.  And, this is what happens when you roll over.

4.  And, this is what happens when you get out of bed.

Okay.  Okay.

Between laughing and crying so hard during this little charade, I couldn't help but ask, "Do you think you could have told me this information like… I don't know… 8 years ago?" 

The next 3,033 nights are going to be OH so different.  He'll never even know I exist.  :)

A Doggone Christmas Miracle

As we celebrate family, love and the Birth (even though Christ was not born in December)… it's also an emotional time for many.  

Stress of the holidays was never a part of the plan.

Trigger has been sick for about 5 months.  He's been itching, scratching, losing all his hair and licking himself raw.  After steroid shots (you know how bad he was if I succumbed to that, right?) and antibiotics and a food allergy diet and so many other things it would make your head spin, I finally… out of pure DESPERATION, brought him to the $$Dermatologist Vet$$.

He has a pretty bad bacterial/yeast infection.  She said it wasn't the worst she's seen, because 2 minutes before I asked if it was, I was vulnerably crying my eyes out and she was handing me tissue!

So, last Thursday he was put on a new diet, a 30-day anti-biotic and given special stuff to bathe in.  AND… he would start Lime Sulphur dips on December 30 (because they had no room in the inn on the 23rd… even after I begged!)

After this $$vet$$ appointment, he stopped eating, seemed to itch and lick more… and I really had given up all hope.  We hadn't had much sleep for days.  We were up listening to our dog be miserable and I was worrying and stressing, trying so hard to talk myself into the fact that "he's just a dog."  HA

I prayed and cried and prayed.  Because, honestly, I believed that this was the end and we were going to be putting our dog down in 24 hours.

Then, Monday morning I read this on FB at 4am, by Anne Lamott:

I used to hear in early sobriety that if you had an idea after 10:00 pm, it was probably a bad idea.

I think the same is true about any ideas you may have in the next few days.

Everyone is very crazy. Some of us are better at covering this up than others. Some people will say how cheerful they feel and how much they love the holidays; but these are very angry people. Try not to be alone with them for any length of time.

Three people I love have called this weekend with these intensely expressed decisions that they felt had to be made as soon as possible, at least by Monday. They are without exception highly intelligent and self-aware, really on to themselves, yet without exception, their ideas would have caused damage to their careers, marriages, children, serenity, and in one case, their dog.

It goes on, but if you want to read the rest, go to her FB page.  :)

God gave me new hope.  I got up, called the vet to see if there was a time frame Trigger would stop itching under this new protocol and LOW AND BEHOLD… they had just got a cancellation for the Lime Sulfur Dip and had room for Trigger afterall!  (instead of waiting until the 30th.)  I also put a 3 month baby onesie on him.  And, with a weary mind and body BUT new hope and a new plan, Trigger wolfed down his breakfast like a champ, stopped itching within like 2 hours and slept ALL day and ALL night.  He's making up for lost time.

This morning, we dropped him off for the Dip and now, we just wait.

It's truly a Doggone Christmas Miracle!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  Like Braedan reminded me after I asked him if Christmas was a little less fun since he knows there is no Santa or Elf, "Carissa, Christmas is not about Santa and an Elf anyway.  Christmas is about family, love and Jesus birth."

From the mouth of babes a smartass middle schooler!  Love him.





I woke up this morning to an email from my sister with this photo attached!


She said it was harder to get the dogs in the car, than for them to pose for this photo!  She also said that on January 25, she has ALL teenagers in the house.

Where, really, does the time go?!  Great kids, great family!  Super thankful for them this morning… as I look at this photo!


I’m Banned

What am I to do?


I found this note on the floor this morning.


I think he was leaving it for his dad.  Or, he posted it on his bedroom door?  Not sure.  

The bottom line… I'm banned.

We all know I'm a little sarcastic at times and love to always make others laugh.  I live with two men who… don't like sarcasm and don't really like to laugh at things I think are funny.  We all know I'm pretty funny too!

So… I guess you COULD say that when I went in to wake B up this morning… I knew he'd be annoyed and not find it funny.  But, I can't resist.  So, I flicked the lights on and off and on and off… while singing "time to get up."

This was not welcomed.  At all.

And, then, to make it worse… when he didn't get up, I threatened to just turn the light ON.

Now, I'm banned.

I was thinking… if I make him a terrible breakfast and lunch, will he ban me from ALL my morning duties?  Then, I can sleep in!

Do I need to become the gentle, boring parent who gently wakes their TWELVE year old up… get him an alarm clock… or ban him from banning me?  Something will have to give.  

However, I DID get the last laugh with that note!  My goodness… how hysterical eh?!!!!! 


Photo 4

Food truck in LA by USC = Unique scenery and YUM!

#CAORBUST… this is what we named our summer cross country trip.  (you can look up Instagram  with that hashtag… and see our photos AND everyone elses too!  HA)

We should have named our trip: #whatcitywouldbebesttoleaveTriggerwherehecanliveagreatlifewithoutus

Things I learned from our trip…

1.  Dogs… at the ripe old age of (almost) 7… won't like the car ANY better if you drive them across the country as opposed to the 5 minute car ride to the groomers.  They don't get "broken in."  BAD DECISION.  WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

2.  When driving with a dog, you can't roll the windows down.  BAD DECISION.  WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

3.  70 hours in a car with a dog panting… makes for a very stressful trip.  Period.  BAD DECISION.  WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!

4.  When driving across the country… change your car insurance for the month to a ZERO deductible.

Even though we are home… GREAT memories still lurk in our minds.

How do I sum up 5 weeks in CALIFORNIA?

I'm gonna try!


Photo 5

B and his cousin Trent

Braedan was a rock star and I'd travel the world with him in a car ANY day.  Trigger… BAD DECISION.  WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!  I think we already covered that though.  It was great spending 35 nights in the bedroom I grew up in.  Hanging out with my folks.  Seeing my sister and her family.  Having breakfast made for me daily by my mom.  Learning to SUP and watching Braedan kayak so much he didn't want to go anymore.  Taking photos of him learning to surf and experiencing a beach bon fire for the first time. Getting some great sun.  Watching him boogie board and hang out with his cousin. Swim with old friends so I could hang out with their amazing mom. Sell things on Craiglist in OC for my parents.  Eat things I don't eat… but now do and have to get serious again with my food choices.  Getting tan.  Get my window cracked by a rock from a semi and then get my front end dismantled from a semi's tire in the fast lane.  Thank you CA for never disappointing in the weather area!  Freak out because my dog got fleas.  Visit friends and family as we drove to and from California.  Hearing gun shots in LA after dinner.  Loving the sun! Put 5,000+ miles on my Mini.  Visited my aunts and cousins and let Braedan experience Knott's without me (Hallelujah and thank you sister!)  Experiencing weather of 29 degrees in Colorado and driving through Utah at 110 degrees on the SAME day.  Getting to know my step son on a totally different level because we were with each other for 35 days.  Getting to see the sun!  Getting to see old friends and catch up.  Getting to hear Braedan say to my mom, "One of the greatest things about Carissa marrying my dad is that I got you guys as my grandparents!"  Sharing my amazing step son with my parents for 35 straight days.  Remembering that the OC traffic is much worse than the GA traffic and I do love where I currently live (and not just because of that)!  Waking up to the same, exact, perfect weather  Eating great food.  The sun!  Seeing great friends and seeing the ocean all the time.  And… so much more I just can't remember.

So, there you have it.  I'm hoping we can do it EVERY year… MINUS the dog.  MINUS driving across the country in a Mini Cooper (even though it IS a blast to drive) and MINUS only seeing Jason for 7 of the 35 days.


Photo 2

One of MANY sunsets!
Photo 4

Banzai Bowl… my new favorite!
Photo 1

WOW. Just. WOW!
Photo 5

B and T
Photo 2

My co-pilot!
Photo 5

B and his kayak!
Photo 2

Mom & Me
Photo 3

Me & Stac
Photo 1

B & T
Photo 3

My poor pup didn't like his vacation as much as I didn't like taking him!


Surfing USA

Okay, maybe it was just the West Coast.  Annnnnnd, maybe it was only Bolsa Chica Beach… but who cares!

We have a surfer in our midst!  A VERY beginner surfer who didn't stand up… but had the joy of finding out what it was like to surf on his knees.  The joy of paddling out… getting so tired… but yearning for the perfect wave.

After his two surf sessions he announces the best comment to this CA girls ears, "If I lived here, I'd come home, do my homework and go surfing every day!"  Sure you would, for the first week.  Then, we'd never see your A-B grades again!

It was sad to know that we were leaving California to go home to Georgia, where there are NO waves.  (Thankfully, all is not lost.  Boats make waves on Lake Lanier.  And, we know people with boats!)  

This was certainly B's favorite summer of his 12 years of living!  He did so much, but one of his highlights was learning to surf with my best friend (from High Schools) husband, Doug!  

As much fun as he was having and I wanted him to have, I have to honestly say, I was one of those "freaking out step-moms."  He was WAY out there in the ocean.  Waves pounding on top of him.  His board slipping out from underneath him.  Not being able to touch the bottom.  No life jacket.  Eeeeek.  Probably the only reason I let him stay out is because Doug is a fireman.  He's used to saving lives.  

So… there's that. 



The ALS Challenge thingy…

B was asked to do this challenge by someone.

So, I took the video.

We laughed and cried for days okay, maybe minutes.  When you get to the end you can hear the heavy Calphalon pan… bonk him on the head!

I think we watched it 25 times while he was putting an ice pack on his lump!

Enjoy!  (And, the dog IS alive, even though he looks frozen in this video!)


Side note:  If you want to learn more about naturally healing ALS… check this out:  ALS Natural Treatment


Oh… and assuming you can never get enough of this puppy…



Trigger & Me; Me & Trigger

This photo is truly one of my favorites of the dog, ever.

Me and him.  Him and me.

This is how we roll.

We know each other well and our souls inter-twine.

Sort of like this photo.

I thought is was pretty much awesome!

And my next thought was that I really need to clean this glass door.

Trigger & Me