What an EXCITING morning!

Wow… it started early… but was so worth it!

It was a very exciting football game… that ended 25-19.  WooT!

The other team made two TDs (check out MY lingo!) within the first few minutes of the game. 

BUT… the GREEN HORNETS came back with a sting!

The morning started off rough for the CROP… but like his dad says, "tackle or BE tackled!"  He came back with a vengeance!


Side note:  CROP = cutest redhead on planet.  I get SO much slack from NANA & KELLIE some other members in our family that shall remain nameless, that I favor a certain animal!  NOT TRUE.  Humans vs. Trigger Animals?  Humans win in my book!     

B was chosen as one of the 4 captains for this game!

Game face.


He has been known… however… to spend a tad more time caring about who is watching him in the stands!  But, we all have to remember… he is NINE!  🙂

The littlest things get me SUPER excited!

One of my photos was chosen as one of the BEST photos uploaded from Saturday's game… on DAVE FM!  That's a local radio station around here… that I really don't listen to.  But, I'm sure if I listened to the radio… I would choose to listen to DAVE FM!  🙂

You can click HERE to check it out.

Super cool.  WooT!

Sad Side Note:  Braedan said, "Oh, I'm on Facebook?"  I had to unfortunately break the news that the photo I sent them… wasn't of him.  Bummer.

Smoked ’em!


Well, I do have to say that yesterdays football game was more exciting to me than all the rest!


The game was in Alpharetta… on their brand new, beautiful field.  The colors were bright (great for taking photos) and the sun was out… but it was only like high 70s. 

What a GREAT day… what an even BETTER game!

Go Green Hornets!