Only My Perspective

Today is surprisingly, a very emotional day for me.

For those that don't know, my amazing husband has been running the KURT WILSON 4 CONGRESS campaign since the beginning.  Watching him poor (literally) his blood, sweat and tears into this campaign… it has awakened some things in me that I didn't know existed.  My true love and respect for our country AND for my husband.  (Okay, so my true love for my husband existed, but now it's even more!)

I don't know a harder working guy.  A more passionate guy.  A more humble guy.  And, a true believer in who he is supporting!  And, this country NEEDS us!  Our voice is the only thing that will make this Country be all that it was meant to be!  We lost that in the shuffle.

 In this campaign, I have watched oodles of people (not getting paid) stand up and volunteer their time, daily, in fact, to stand behind Kurt Wilson for Congress.

I have never been so proud to be a part of something so rich.  Even though my "job" was mostly behind the scenes, labeling water bottles and doing database work… I get it.  I get that it takes an army.  Running a campaign is NOT for the light at heart.  In fact, if you can run a Campaign… I believe you can pretty much do anything in this world.  Just trust me on this one.

Please, take this election seriously and go VOTE today, April 18th, if you live in the CD6 part of Georgia!

We have a fighting chance.  It is not and was not easy.

And, we have a fighting chance as Republicans!

No matter what the results are… we conquered.

No matter what the results are… we pursued.

No matter what the results are… we fought the fight for all the other Republicans!

No matter what the results are… we are stronger for it.

No matter what the results are… we won!

God knows.  We are making a difference.

Kurt Wilson did the hard thing.  He stepped out there to be a candidate.  It has to start somewhere.  He has paved the way for ordinary citizens like himself, to run for office in the future.  (My husband did the hard thing too… and he is never allowed to do this again.  HA)

So, what are you waiting for?  Stop reading and go VOTE!  

Like they say, "EVERY VOTE COUNTS."  And, "they" are RIGHT!


Kurt Wilson for Congress

Kurt Wilson for Congress

 Ps… vote for Marie for City Council too.  (You can see how I strategically have her sign in the wee background.)

Say YES to the Dress! (Prom-A-Palooza)

You guys!  I had another shocking, amazing, life changing encounter!

Sunday I volunteered to take photos at this Prom-A-Palooza event.  I was sort of (in my own mind) complaining that I had to actually get somewhere by 10:30am… on a weekend.  Like going to the gym, which I never do anymore but it's a good analogy, it's not until you actually arrive and start working out that you are really glad you went.

Prom-A-Palooza took place over at, at their huge warehouse.  It's an amazing place.  Any kids in foster care or kids being taken care of by their relatives (while their parents are getting their act together) can walk into this place and get gently used anything for FREE!  (Kids only get anywhere from $0-$19 per day to meet their needs if they are living with a relative or foster parent.)

However, this day… the organization was open only for girls going to prom.  They had collected hundreds of prom dresses in all different sizes.  Plus… shoes.  Purses.  Wraps.  Jewelry.  Makeup.  It was like walking into a ROSS ON PROM STEROIDS!

They had professional makeup artists on hand, working their butts off to put makeup on each girl and send them away with a full bag of makeup!  They had volunteers at every corner and some that were personal shoppers to walk around with the girls to help them hold the dresses they chose to try on, while they continued to shop.  It was service, at its best!  I cried.

I wanted to throw my camera in the back corner and hug every.single.girl that walked in the door and help them find something beautiful to wear.

We all know I have no fashion sense and hate shopping.  But, this new lease on life overwhelmed me and I weaseled my way into a girls life (let's be honest, I did this to a few girls) and walked around with her, helping her choose a dress and shoes and jewelry.  I'm sure the gal that was her personal shopper wanted to strangle me!  But, guess what?  She was a red head like B and I knew, knew, knew… this deep purple dress that she didn't pick out would look fabulous on her with her coloring!  And, it did.  And, it fit perfect.  And, it was like the last dress she tried on after a bit of frustration!  Take that fashion police!  Believe it or not, I also helped her with jewelry.  I was so shocked at myself.  I was having the best time and tears were forming and it was such an amazing way to spend my time!



Prom Palooza-3

Just one of the many racks of dresses!


Another thing that was going on in a back room was a REAL professional photographer with lights set up, was taking photos of the girls in their makeup and dress!  It was amazing watching their shy demeanor change, as Maryann Davidson snapped away and then showed them their photos.  I'm not kidding when I say, we could have had a photo shoot with these 250+ girls ALL day.  These dresses made them feel beautiful, LIKE THEY ARE!  Seriously.  

Next year, I'm bringing tissue.  


Important Side Note:  If you live in the North Fulton area and ever feel like volunteering a little time or you have gently used clothes, shoes, toys, baby stuff, etc., please think about stopping by Foster Cares in Roswell!  You'll be glad you did.



Smoked ’em!


Well, I do have to say that yesterdays football game was more exciting to me than all the rest!


The game was in Alpharetta… on their brand new, beautiful field.  The colors were bright (great for taking photos) and the sun was out… but it was only like high 70s. 

What a GREAT day… what an even BETTER game!

Go Green Hornets!